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  • My husband and I have lived in our starter home for five years.  We had decided it was time to start a family and we did. We love the area that we live in and it is in a great school district.  Three and four bedroom homes in our area were way out of our price range. With this renovation loan we were able to add a second story to our starter home to make room for baby. -  (Culver City)
  • I was having trouble looking for a three  bedroom home in my area in my price range.  I felt discouraged in my home search and almost decided to wait the market out. Then my agent told me about the RC Brown Homes Renovation Loan. I was now able to look for two bedroom homes because this loan would finance a room addition all in the same loan.  This was a dream come true! - John M. (Inglewood)
  • I am a rookie investor.  I always wanted to flip houses but I did not have the resources.  Typically you will need cash to put down on the house and money for the renovation work.  This loan allowed me to finance the  home and finance the renovation. This loan is an investor's dream. - (Gardena)
  • We bought our home over 10 years ago.  It was a fixer-upper and needed work. My wife and I are pretty handy so we were excited to give it some TLC throughout the years.  However, it has been 10 years and there are projects that we just did not get to.  The Renovation Loan allowed us to finally get our house the way we envisioned 10 years ago! - (Miracle Mile)
  • I have always wanted to build a pool in my backyard.  The weather is hot here and I knew that my home value will increase once I did.  Homes with pools in my area had a 15% increase in value and sold faster.  Because I was selling my home, I did not want to put any more of my liquid cash into the home.  The Reno Loan was perfect.  I was able to finance my pool, sell my home for money and sell it quickly. - (Thousand Oaks)
  • We own several multi-unit complexes in Los Angeles.  These units have three or four rental units.  We found that the cost of renovating each unit made it extremely difficult to invest in more multi-unit buildings.  We loved the idea of being able to finance the property and the renovation.  We have been in real estate for over 20 years and have not heard of such a loan.  This was so helpful to our business. - (Beverly Hills)
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